Meet Our Founder

Our Story

In July 2019, Founder Dominique Young worked on a list of long term and short-term goals that consisted of improving or eliminating poor habits. This list was written in a notebook.

During this process, Dominique decided to seek therapy and adapted skills to maintain safeguarding against poor habits.  For Dominique, seeking therapy provides her with a great sense of reassurance and accountability while experiencing this thing called—Life.

Fast forward, within 6 months she began intermittent fasting, discontinued alcoholic beverages, stopped nail biting, and quit drinking coffee, just to name a few.  Once Dominique began achieving her goals, she incorporated natural remedies, herbs, vegetables, and more fruits in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Why Do We Sell Sea Moss?

During this time, Dominique stumbled across sea moss. Dominique was instantly intrigued by its powerful healing properties, while also amazed to find out that many cultures had been using this Superfood for decades.

She immediately dedicated months of research about the sea moss. After several months more, she purchased sea moss gel from a local brand. Unfortunately, but fortunately it was by far the worse tasting sea moss gel.

Dominique continued to research, and eventually purchased two ounces of dried raw gold sea moss. From that amount sea moss gel was produced and Sunflower Wellness was founded in 2020.

Sunflower Wellness’s Founder and CEO is fortunate to have discovered premium harvested sea moss from the pristine waters of Saint Lucia. Sunflower Wellness is grateful to be able to serve the community in making small changes one tablespoon at a time. Our mission is to provide quality Saint Lucian sea moss to as many communities as possible.

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